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When traveling by canoe along our relatively shallow, rocky and branched, rivers, there is no need to fear that the boat may be punctured or torn, as can happen with rubber boats or kayaks. Canoe boats are large enough to fit two people in one boat and feel comfortable enough and have enough space for several days of journey. Three adults in one boat can go for a shorter trip, but it would be recommended for two adults and a child. The boats are light and can be easily brought ashore by two people. We offer canoe rental for trips along the most beautiful river in Latvia – the Gauja. This means that the price of the boat rental also includes the transport of canoes and people from our campsite – boat base in Žagarkalns to the starting point of the trip. After the trip, at the end of the route, our minibus will meet you again to bring boats and you back to the campsite.
We have a parking lot in the campsite, where you can leave your car without any worries.

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact us by phone +371 261 700 74;
or by writing an e-mail:

One of the most popular water tourism vehicles is a kayak. “Vista” type kayak is becoming more and more popular in Latvia. It is very comfortable, double seated and is one of the fastest means of water tourism. The kayak is very safe, but it is recommended to have at least some experience in boating.
The kayak is rowed with double sided oars.


Km on riverTimePrice EUR *Price EUR **
Lenči - Cēsis52 h4033
Jāņrāmis - Lenči62 h6048
Jāņrāmis - Cēsis124 h / 1 d5040
Cēsis - Līgatne174 h / 1 d5040
Grīviņi - Cēsis268 h / 1 - 2 d6048
Jāņrāmis - Līgatne299 h / 1 - 2 d7055
Valmiera - Cēsis3810 h / 2 d6550
Cēsis - Sigulda4010 h / 2 d7055
Strenči - Cēsis6918 h / 3 d7055

* One boat rent, equipment, round trip transportation.
** Price per one boat if 4 boats are rented (max 8.pers).

The boat base is well equipped of boats for large groups, information on rental prices for a larger number of boats is available here.

Large rubber boats – they are designed for a larger company, they are practically irreversible and they have enough space for 5-8 adults. These boats will be more suitable for families and greater companies who want to spend a quieter and more easy going time on the river. The boats are made of very durable material and they are not endangered even by the sharpest stones and branches that can be in the river.

Reservations and more information:
Phone: 371 26170074


Km on riverPrice 2 pers. EURPrice 4 - 6 pers. EURPrice 8 pers EUR
Lenči - Cēsis540 50 100
Jāņrāmis - Lenči660 90 115
Jāņrāmis - Cēsis125075 120
Cēsis - Līgatne1750 80130
Grīviņi - Cēsis2650 80 120
Jāņrāmis - Līgatne2970 120160
Valmiera - Cēsis3865 100 140
Cēsis - Sigulda4070100 150
Strenči - Cēsis6970 120 160

Despite the fact that the catamarans are six-seater, there is a place on board for two children who do not row. So it is especially suitable for families and small groups. The minimum number of riders is four, the maximum is six adults and 2-3 children. The catamaran is safe because each inflatable pontoon consists of several parts.


Km on riverTimePrice EUR
Lenči - Cēsis53 h / 1 d100
Jāņrāmis - Lenči64 h / 1 d120
Jāņrāmis - Cēsis124 h / 1 d110
Cēsis - Līgatne175 h / 1 d110
Grīviņi - Cēsis269 h / 1 - 2 d120
Jāņrāmis - Līgatne298 h / 1 - 2 d145
Valmiera - Cēsis3810 h / 2 d140
Cēsis - Sigulda4010 h / 2 d140
Strenči - Cēsis6918 h / 3 d160





Excelent recreation in Gauja national park

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