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Raft rent

For a peaceful and safe trip along the Gauja in a larger company, we offer rafts with a hard plywood deck on plastic pontoons. The rafts are easily operated with two oars, they are equipped with a retractable roof, table, benches and grill. For safety, everyone is issued a swimsuit.

* Raft length – 6 m, width – 3 m, capacity – max 15 people.

One such raft can accommodate up to 15 people. sailor can sit on comfortable benches or at a table, sunbathe or take a walk on deck. The raft is very endurable and safe. When riding such a raft, it is not necessary to climb ashore to have a meal. On the raft you can fire up the bbq, cook a meal and eat at the table. The trip will be relatively slow, because the raft has the same speed as the a current but comfortable and without unnecessary tension.

The rafts are very popular for one or more day trips for families with children, companies, as well as tourists who want to feel safe and comfortable on the river, celebrate an event in unconventional way, and spend time on the river calmly and leisurely enjoying the Gauja scenery.

One of the main advantages of the raft is the retractable roof. Passengers  are protected that in the event of unexpected rain, they will not have to cancel their trip or escape from the rain on on the shore. In our intermittent summers, this is an important advantage when planning a leisure trip on the Gauja.

The price includes the rental of a fully equipped raft and the transfer of passengers back and forth from the destination to the starting point.

If you do not need passenger transport services, the route price will be cheaper.

* You can find out more about prices by calling: 371 26170074 (Mārtiņš) or sending an e-mail to martins@zagarkalns.lv
To get to the other rivers of Latvia and neighboring countries – we offer contract prices.

Raft prices

Km pa upi Dienas ceļā Cena Eiro * Cena Eiro **
Streņči - Cēsis 69 28 h / 3 - 4 d 300 390
Leņči - Cēsis 6 5 h / 1 d 220 260
Jāņrāmis - Cēsis 12 8 h / 1 d 240 300
Cēsis - Līgatne 17 8 h / 1 d 240 310
Valmiera - Cēsis 38 20 h / 2 - 3 d 270 340
Cēsis - Sigulda 36 18 h / 2 - 3 d 280 370
Jāņrāmis - Līgatne 29 16 h / 2 d 260 390
Grīviņi - Cēsis 26 18 h / 2 - 3 d 290 350
Jāņrāmis - Leņči 6 4 h / 1 d 230 320
* One raft rent, equipment without transfer services
** One raft rent, equipment, raft and transfer of people to and from

Lunch on a raft at the Ērgļi cliffs

The trip is ideal for an original celebration instead of a birthday party or just to have a nice day in nature with friends. The trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy an original lunch on a raft and at the same time observe  one of the most beautiful parts of the Gauja, swimming along the largest cliffs in Latvia – Ērgļi cliffs.

The total journey time is (depending on wind and current) from 5-7 hours.

Trip description:

The recommended starting time is around 12:00 to 13:00. Departure to the starting point of the route from Žagarkalns boat base. So, when you leave Riga on holiday on around 10:00 or 10:30, you are in our campsite at 12:00, where you park your cars. Next, our minibus takes you to the starting point at Jāņrāmis bridge, where is waiting for you.

The raft has everything you need for the event: table, bbq, life jackets, oars. You can bring food and drinks with you or order from us. Together with catering services we offer: sets of dishes, charcoal with fuel, skewers and even flower vases, if necessary. In catering matters, we cooperate with various catering companies from Cesis! Prices and quality are good and service adequate.

The first stage of the trip takes about 1.5 -2 hours, while your raft floats downstream to the foot of the Ērgļi cliffs. All you need for the trip is the need for one or two men to slightly adjust the raft so that it stays in the stream. You can also order a guide, then the care of the raft is completely dropped and it costs an additional ** €.

It will be time for lunch by the rocks. The raft can be anchored at the shore or, if desired, even in the middle of the river under the cliffs. We recommend that you do not continue your trip during lunch, serve a table and then sit at the table in peace as if you were having a fine lunch. If there is a special request, we can bring food warm directly to the rocks and such an additional transport service will not be expensive.

After lunch, the journey can continue, and then you have three options to end the journey at three different times.

The first place where we can send you a transport to take your company to the Žagarkalns campsite (where your cars are located) is after less than an hour of rafting from Ērgļi cliffs. It is water tourist settlement Lenči.

The second place of disembarkation is after about 2-2.5 hours of rafting from Ērgļi cliffs and it is the water tourist settlement Lenčupīte.

The third and last opportunity is to swim a raft 3-4 hours from Ērgļi cliffs and get off directly at Žagarkalns camping.

You can decide when to end the trip (depending on the weather and preferences) even after you have finished dining at the cliffs. It only takes atleast 1 hour in advance to call our administrator. Our bus will be in front of you at your chosen disembarkation point.

The trip is over and, depending on the place of disembarkation, you are back at our campsite either around 16:00 or 18:00 (no later than 19:00). There you can still walk the Gauja nature trails and see the wild Mirror Cliffs near Dzidravots (about 1 hour walk) or go to the center of Cēsis to have a coffee in one of the Cēsis summer cafes, see the old town, castle or parks and then go home. To book a raft, please call: 371 26170074 (Mārtiņš).


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