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Bicycle rent

Žagarkalns bicycle rent offers bicycles that are suitable for both adults and children from the age of 10. There are 25 Scwinn and Scott bikes, but you can also get more if requested. We have developed about 10 cycling routes. They vary in difficulty, both shorter and easier to travel, making them suitable for families with children, and more complex for those who are more prepared and ready for more challenging  route.

* Bicycles are equipped with mudguards, safety keys and comfortable seats.

* Bicycles are rented at Žagarkalns camping. We also deliver bicycles to other places upon request.

* If necessary, luggage racks, child seats and helmets are offered to the customer together with the bicycle. Please specify the number in advance.

* We offer trips on the nature trails of the Gauja National Park, also with a guide (guide from € 35). Duration of routes starting from 1 hour.

* You can also create multi-day itineraries with overnight stays in campsites, adapting the route to your physical preparedness. You can spend one day riding a bike and on the second day you can go down the Gauja stream with one of our canoes or rafts.

Bicycle Rental:

1h – 3.00 euros; All day (until 22:00) – 10.00 euros

Reservations by phone +371 26170074

Cycling routes

Cesis center – Priekuli
Length ~ 10 km, to be done in ~ 1.5 hours; Road surface ~ 80% asphalt, 20% dirt road.

A route to enjoy the suburban atmosphere of a small town. In a small part of the road, the road is rough and difficult to pass, but it is compensated by a well-designed bicycle path, which starts from Selection street and leads through Priekuli. There is no steep climb along the entire length of the route, so the it is suitable for families and the elderly. In Priekuli, we recommend having lunch or just coffee in the restaurant “Eifrata” of the hotel “Tigra”.

Length ~ 18 km, can be done in ~ 2 hours, road surface ~ 50% forest road, 25% asphalt, 25% dirt road

An easy route, thanks to both the bicycle path created in the city area and the forest road with a solid foundation. Those who like peaceful forest roads will be especially pleased with the section of the road from Ērgļi cliffs through “Pipariņi” to the camping “Žagarkalns”. If you want to have a meal, we recommend visiting the picnic place “Lenči”, which is located in the middle of the distance, near the Ērgļi cliffs. There are also fireplaces and a fantastic view of the Gauja. Going further from “Lenči” to Ērgļi cliffs, carefully follow the directions! The forest path, which leads directly along the Gauja to the Ērgļi cliffs, is not passable due to the built-in stairs.

Camping “Žagarkalns” – Lenčupe
Length: ~ 5 km; To be done: ~ 40 min .; Road surface: ~ 5% asphalt, 75% forest road, 20% dirt road

Effortless and fast route. The first section along Mūrlejas Street to the Gauja bridge is the most difficult, because the dirt road is uneven, but immediately after the bridge an asphalt road begins, which crosses an easily passable forest road. The route would be suitable for a short trip on a hot summer evening to find refreshment provided by the proximity of the spring and the river, as well as the shady forest. At the end of summer there are good places for berry picking and mushroom picking.

Camping “Žagarkalns” – Raiskums
Route length: ~ 19 km, route to be completed: ~ 2 hours, road surface: ~ 5% dirt, 55% asphalt, 40% forest road

In the first kilometres of the route, cycling along the highway, the road goes more uphill, but when turning to Raiskums, a very flat road with quality asphalt pavement begins, which leads to Lake Raiskums. A nice forest road starts by the lake, which goes around the lake. When leaving the forest, drive along the main road, keep to the right until you reach the bridge, which is located at the junction of Raiskums and Auciems lakes. Then this road leads to the asphalt road, which you have to take till Raiskums store. Opposite the Raiskums store there is a sign “Ūdenstilpne”, if followed the road will lead to beautiful bathing place. After the swim, we recommend continuing along the road that leads directly along the lake, until it takes you back to the main road back to Cēsis.

From the main road you have to turn to the forest path very soon. The first 200 m is difficult to do, but after that a great descent of about 3 km follows.

Camping “Žagarkalns” – Gaujaslīči
Length: ~ 6 km; Route to be completed: ~ 30 min .; Road surface: ~ 80% forest road, 20% dirt.

An easy route that leads along a quiet forest road. Along the way, we recommend a visit to the sculptor Jansons Memorial House, which features a sculpture garden and a unique, from the 18th century  preserved honey barn.

Camping “Žagarkalns” – Cesis center
Length: ~ 15 km; To be done: ~ 2 hours; Road surface: ~ 70% asphalt, 15% forest road, 15% dirt.

The route is suitable for cycling tourists who are interested in the cultural and historical heritage of Cēsis and the urban environment. The route includes the historical center of Cēsis, thus allowing you to appreciate the 800-year-old architecture, parks and sculptures located in the city. On the other hand – starting from Dzirnavu Street, the urban landscape is replaced by rural environment and forest roads, allowing you to enjoy the wild beauty of the Gauja river landscape.
Points of Interest:
Residence of the Livonian Master of the German Order, New Castle and Castle Park, Maija Park, St. John’s Church, Cēsis Exhibition House, K. Jansona sculpture “Fight with a Centaur” in Maija Park and
M. Janson’s sculpture “Walking the Centuries” next to St. John’s Church; K. Jansons memorial house “Siļķes”, in the yard of which there is an exposition of open-air sculptures.

Camping “Žagarkalns” – Rakši- Zvārta rock

Length ~ 19 km, to be done in ~ 3 hours; Road surface: 10% asphalt, 60% forest road, 30% dirt

Relatively easy to navigate, generally flat terrain route with small hills. Obvious  to navigate, as road signs with mileage are installed along the entire length of the road. After “Rakši” there is a beautiful forest road, which is sometimes a little more challenging to drive. This road leads to the road junction, which leads to Zvārtas rock. For those who want to extend this route or even create a two-day route with accommodation, we recommend going back to Kārļi (5.3 km) on the way back from Zvārta rock and staying overnight in the hospitable and newly renovated “Kārļamuiža”.
Sights: Zvārta rock, llama and alpaca farm at “Rakši”

Length ~ 18 km; Can be done in ~ 2 hours; Road surface: 50% asphalt, 20% forest road, 30% dirt.

Easy-going, flat terrain route. Much of it has to be done on an asphalt road. After driving on the Pleskavas highway, follow the sign “Āraišu ezerpils”which is located on the left side of the road. Take the opportunity to refresh  yourself by swimming in Lake Āraiši! After visiting the lake castle, going further and driving approx. 1 km, turn right along the boarding school. This road will take you to the  windmill at the top of the hill. The wide panoramic view is worth a little effort! Further from the windmill the road leads downwards. If you choose the path that leads a little to the left, you can soon get back to the Pleskavas highway and further to the Cēsis bypass, while the path to the right will take you to Āraiši Church.

Sightseeing objects: Reconstructions of wooden buildings at Āraiši lake castle from 9th century, , Āraiši medieval castle ruins and church from 19th century. Dutch-style windmill built in the middle.

A small number of guests have the opportunity to spend the night with the owners of Āraiši windmill.


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