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For a leisure and safe trip along the Gauja we offer the hard-bottom rafts made of plastic tubes with the hard plywood bottoms which may hold a quite large group of people. The rafts are easy to row with two oars and are equipped with folding roofs, tables, benches and grills. Each water tourist is given a life vest for safety.


A rafts lenght is 6m, width - 3m, one raft freely holds up to 15 people. Travellers may sit on the convenient benches or at a table, take sunbaths or stroll along a deck. Rafts are very stable and safe. Travelling by a raft you don’t need to tie up at the river bank in order to eat, for example. On a raft you can grill, cook and eat at a table. Journey with a raft is comparatively slow as it has the speed of the stream, thought making your travel convenient and stressless.



Rafts are popular for the one-day journeys among families with children wishing to feel secure and cosy on the river, and among bunches of friends having decided to celebrate some event in an off-beat atmosphere as well as tourists having planned to spend a day on the river leisurely and slowly enjoying landscapes of the Gauja.


One of the main advantages of the rafts is a folding roof. Travellers can be sure that, in case of sudden rain, they will be able to continue the journey not searching for a shelter on the bank. In view of changeable weather of our summers this is an essential plus when you are planning a journey along the Gauja.


If there is such a wish or need, a raft may be steered by a guide who will also accompany you during the journey. It is an additional service which costs 35 EUR per day.


Prices you will find HERE


We also offer negotiable prices for getting to other Latvian or neighbour countries' rivers.