Bicycle rental

The camping site also includes bike rental. More than 20 bicycle are available for your journey through the entire Gauja National Park. Our information spot provides cycling maps and will help you to find the route that suits you best. "Žagarkalns" camping site is nicely situated as it feeds into a wide network of Gauja National Park nature trails that pass by the impressive Spoguļu klintis (Mirror cliffs) and a natural rarity - Dzidravots (The Clear Spring).


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Welcome to Žagarkalns camping - boating station!

Camping site and boating station "Žagarkalns" offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Gauja National Park both on water and on dry land.


The boating station has one of the largest water tourism watercraft "fleets" on the rivers Gauja and Brasta including canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, river catamarans, and rafts. You can enjoy a route from Valmiera to Sigulda, as well as beyond the Gauja National Park area.

Gauja is without a doubt the most beautiful river in Latvia and you just have to see it!


The boating station is located in the "Žagarkalns" camping site. We also provide transportation to you starting and from your finishing location.



Canoe boats are the most popular sailing charters favoured by the water tourists both in our country and throughout Europe. A canoe has the optimal speed therefore a trip may not become boring, it slides easily through the water, is simple to paddle and quite safe.


For a leisure and safe trip along the Gauja we offer the hard-bottom rafts made of plastic tubes with the hard plywood bottoms which may hold a quite large group of people. The rafts are easy to row with two oars and are equipped with folding roofs, tables, benches and grills. Each water tourist is given a life vest for safety.

Camping and the beach

Near the Ski Center "Žagarkalns" in Cēsis, on the river bank of Gauja, we have equipped a tent and trailer campsite with a water tourist center. The campsite’s territory is large enough, so that the tourists may enjoy there time undisturbed.

Rest or overnight stays are very pleasant as the camping is situated on the river bank and it is inside a natural undamaged environment.

A small cottage for a family near river Gauja!

We offer a comfortable and well equipped small cottage with sauna near river Gauja only ~ 2 km away from our skiing complex "Žagarkalns".

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