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Fun for everyone? Snowtubing is the thing!


We have four different difficulty tracks. Two are straight and two with curves. Length: 100-150m.


Ask for tickets at the cash desk.


* Snowtube lift is included in the price


**Snowtube slopes are open from the moment when the ski hill are open and it closes an hour before (on week days we close the slopes at 22:00).


Regulations for snowtubing:
1. Before going on the track, please evaluate whether your health condition is sufficient for this activity as you shall assume full responsibility for yourself.
2. For riding downhill, use inner tubes provided by „Žagarkalns”
3. Use the inner tubes at slopes facilitated exclusively for snowtubing.
4. Each inner tube may be used for one rider only except if a rider is younger than eight years
5. Children younger than eight are allowed on rides only if accompanied by an adult who shall assume full responsibility for the child during the ride.
6. A ride can commence only after the previous rider has left the groove.
7. Leave the groove immediately after the ride is completed, however, prior to crossing the slope, make sure no inner tube is approaching along the adjacent grooves.
8. Only riders may take a queue at the belt-lift.
9. Must be situated in the inner tube, while using belt-lift. During take-off, it is strictly forbidden to stand up or to unclench belt-lift rope, except in place.
10. All personnel’s instructions must be followed with no objections.
11. In case of disobedience, our personnel are entitled to deny Access to the facilities of „Žagarkalns”
12. No dogs or other pets allowed at the slopes.
13. People under influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to use the slopes.
14. For the sake of your safety and the safety of others, take notice of others at the slopes.
15. All slope users are liable for damage caused to another person or „Žagarkalns”.